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white lily

September 2015



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Sep. 21st, 2015

ahlan dubai


-           By far the most talked-about city, not to mention the busiest in the whole region
-           Yours truly as the witness, is currently building the ‘world’s tallest bldg’ – presumably the Burj Dubai, no doubt the priciest there is in the whole real estate biz
-           houses THE Burj al Arab (pictured above, credits to rusdiabubaker), a 7-star rated hotel in the middle east (and where most VIPs are accommodated to) and ironically was built with the largest CROSS so far. Hah! So much for a city with Islam as the state religion.
-            17% of the population of the emirate is made up of UAE nationals. Approximately 85% of the expatriate population (and 71% of the emirate's total population) are Asian, chiefly Indian (51%), Pakistani (15%), Bangladeshi (10%) and others (10%).About 3% of the total population of Dubai is categorized as "Western". A quarter of the population however reportedly traces their origins to neighboring Iran. (source:wikipedia 'dubai')
‘Nuff said about all of these information, i trust it is googleable. =D
On the contrary, with all these surprisingly high positive (or negative?) publicity Dubai is getting these days for the past years (when I was out somewhere else! Hahah), I would be writing about all complaints and rants there is I could find, all sort of stories I’d be receiving and even my own experiences – good or bad.
So, all comments/letters/stories are welcome.  
I could am going to rant/blab/gossip all the way there is, not only about the place I’m currently in, but about everything there is to it and to me. I am taking this opportunity since nobody else does listen anyway. And hey! It’s suppose to be a journal, a blog. So its kind of FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION! (right? =D ) I’m crossing my fingers that this has to be updated! Seriously. =D


*responsibility mo toh whindy! Lolz*
Msg to all the Locals out here. (although I doubt it if all of you has an lj account or even cares for what an expat has to say)
For some upcoming entries that may negate dubai, I do not mean, nor do I have the writing ability to destroy “this place’s” reputation, infact I am grateful for the chance given of having to live here safely up until this moment. But when there is good thing there is always a ‘bad’ to it, I’m not saying its only happening ‘here’ but I am going to write what I feel has to be shared justifiably. 


Sep. 24th, 2008


Case of the ‘Gorbakor’-ness in Filipinos aka Cat Syndrome

The ‘Cat’ in us.
Puhrrr. . . meow . . . rawr . . .
I was once a certified loyal owner to numerous cats as far as I could remember. 
As a child, I had the ‘grandma’ cat, the oldest mix colored cat I took care of, so old was she that she was producing kittens dead-at-birth. It was such a painful sight to see her all bloody soaked up dead kittens as if she was trying to check in her own way if they were alive. But alas, I forgot how she died herself, but I was sure she was buried in my little ‘Animal Cemetery’ at our backyard, together with my disabled cat, a number of dogs and rabbits.
But no matter how lovable a cat may look, we can’t help but be angry at these furry-haired creatures when the food on the table went missing, or any leftover dish was ransacked. We turn our accusations to our CATS. 
The Cat-Syndrome as I call it is - no matter how nice your treatment is, providing food, shelter and even poo bin, still cats rummage through even to the properly-kept foods you’re hiding.
Are Filipinos really like that?! Err, rephrase that - Do most Filipinos possess this seemingly subconscious attitude?
Years of exile abroad particularly in the Middle east part, I have heard quite a few number of times already (specially when my *smile* is pissed or even from my boss) that… ‘FILIPINOS ARE GORBAKOR’.

GORBAKOR - Literally translates to a black cat. 

I have once asked what it meant and oh boy, sure I did get my answer!
. . . NO matter how much you help them in the end, they end up either betraying you or just simply forgetting about it . . .
. . . They just call you out-of-the-blue for help. Okay, they call you (suddenly!) to ask how u were, but it the end, you know they eventually need something. . .
. . . Or when you have finished your contract, you don’t even care to call your previous bosses and sponsors just to see how they were. . . (its like not having the initiative to check people out)
I reasoned to defend my tarnished nationality. Surely not all Filipinos are like that, arrogance aside I am confident enough to say I am not like that. But according to them, in all of the nationalities or expats present here in the middle east, they never saw this kind of attitude other than the Filipinos. 
They say Chinese and Japanese are rude at first impression. 
Lebanese are way too proud for their own good. 
Egyptians are incorrigible to deal with.
These are solid traits that you observe first-hand.
Filipinos are friendly . . . and yet they have the tendency to flaunt such a ‘gorbakor’ attitude.
I say not all. 
Maybe some.
Maybe mostly.

AyeSpy says,
We can’t simply pass a judgment upon a person’s character from their nationality, no matter how stereotyped, generalized or perhaps discriminating it can be; but yes, it does happen. For all the other expats out there, you’re in no home court advantage, so whether you like it or not, you’re JUDGED and there’s nothing you can do.
AyeSpy says more,
Might as well get a dog as a pet. It ain’t called a-man’s-bestfriend for nothing. =D

(cat images credits to SAUBees05 & firstlove1 of photobucket)

Sep. 22nd, 2008

Spied Case#1: Dragon Mart

A dragon-shaped-all-Chinese-product-only mall located just next to International city, developed by Nakheel. And yet again, another letter-organized building. With more than a hundred shops, sure there is a lot to choose from. 
One can find anything there is – china made. Which also means cheap and of not-so-good-quality. I say it was not that cheap, most items are actually more expensive than the items sold in deira & bur dubai (the places known for the cheapest sell)
Ok. What can you actually shop at Dragon Mart?
[check] Patented bags of LV, Gucci, Guess
[check] Mobile phones, I-phones, I-pods, and all electronic gadgets with brand names of NOKLA & I-PAD, no kiddin! =D (except laptops & pcs, I wonder why aren’t there any…)
[check] Plants. Yes! Sort of like a botanical / bonsai garden
[check] Jewelries and other accessories. Pearls and semi-precious stones are at most.
[check] ALL KINDS OF CLOTHES and undergarments. Shirts, blouses, trousers, dresses – for all ages and gender.
[check] SHOES. All kinds, all styles for all people.
[check] Machineries for construction.
[check] Building materials
[check] Home decors ( from hanging ornaments to glass windows )
[check] Textiles (which I think would be wiped out when the Textile Center just next to it will open soon)
[check] Chinese grocery/supermarkets
[check] Banks, ATMs
[check] the BEST thai mangoes in the city sold in a small stall. Beats the south African mango, I’d say.
I could say, one can build an entire house from scratch, purchase all items from DragonMart and label it as ‘Made in China’. From the cements, pillars, rooftops, pools, to indoor furniture, decorations, plants --- every thing!
The catch…
[check] CHINESE owners & sales persons who mostly does NOT speak English at all.
[check] No proper FOOD COURT. ( that’s the 1st thing I’m looking for in a mall. Yes, I’m into food trip! =D )
[check] it’s a verrryyyyy long walk if you’re in ONLY for a window shop. (There are more than 10 shops categorized from letters A-Z)
[check] items you choose are sold and paid per shop, so there’s no trolley-system. But, there’s a for hire Chinese-man-with-the-trolley charging you at Dhs10/per hour
AyeSpy says,
If you’re looking for China-made products at cheaper prices but with surprisingly good enough quality, I’d say go for IKEA. (It’s a Swedish company/franchise but most of their items are made and produced in China) They’ve got an entire team of Ikea Interior designers as well planning for you as long as you purchase anything there is from their store. =D it was absolute lovable! They’ve got the actual styles found in their showroom.
They’ve got excellent IKEA FOOD too! =D